Tulsa's Backyard Bonanza

November 6th, 2022

Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA, 5400 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa OK

Backyard Bonanza

Come celebrate fall trail running season (and the end of daylight savings time) at Tulsa’s Backyard Bonanza. Enjoy fall weather, beautiful trails, home cooked breakfast, friends, family, and the Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA.

  • Sunday, November 6th
  • 5K, 12.5K, 25K trail race
  • 12/25K start @ 7:30am
  • 5k start @ 8:00am

Tulsa’s Backyard Bonanza also includes:

  • Pancake breakfast
  • Finish awards for every participant
  • Custom shirt
  • Awards for top 3 male & female in each race
  • Chili Cookoff

There is a distance to accommodate all levels of runners at Tulsa's Backyard Bonanza 5K, 12.5K, 25K trail running event. We pride ourselves in putting on events with the runners in mind. With well marked courses and amazing aid stations and support we aim to give you the best trail running experience possible. Whether you’re a seasoned trail runner looking for a new challenge, or a road runner searching for a change of pace and scenery, Tulsa's Backyard Bonanza will take you there.

Schedule of Events

Race Day Schedule

Registration & Packet Pickup6:30am
12.5K & 25K Trail Race7:30am Start
5K Trail Race8:00am Start
Chili CookoffJudge @ 10:00am


You may sign up on paper at RunnersWorld Tulsa any time until Saturday at 6:00pm.

Registration is also available on race day starting at 6:30am at the start/finish area.

Packet Pickup

Pre-registered packet pick up will be at Runnersworld Tulsa, 3920 S. Peoria, Tulsa on Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Packets may also be picked up on race day starting at 6:30am at the start/finish area..

Course Description

The Backyard Bonanza will give you a taste of everything that Turkey Mountain has to offer – smooth runnable trails, rocky technical trails, hills, maybe more hills, wooded areas, savanna grasslands, and the Herman & Kate YMCA.

If you have run the Turkey and TATURs race in past you will definitely appreciate this course.

Turkey Mountain is an "Urban Wilderness Area". You will find beautiful lush surroundings that run alongside the Arkansas River. As you approach from the north, you will be able to see it's peak that juts 300 feet above the Arkansas River. Elevation is between 600-900 ft. above sea level. Ninety percent of the course is on narrow single-track trails.

Most of the trails are under a a canopy of deciduous tress and amidst a thick layer of vegetation The trails have the sand /gravel /rock surface common to this area and can easily be run on after hard rains. The course has varying degrees of difficulty. There are easy-going non-technical areas, mostly flat and thoroughly negotiable, and there are intense, highly difficult technical areas with short, hard and very rocky climbs.

Turkey Mountain is not only a trail runners paradise but it also is a mountain biker's dream. This is all public land and you will encounter many mountain bikers, hikers, and maybe even a few horses. Please give all of them the right of way. It is much easier and for a runner to step off to the side of the trail than it is for a biker or horseback rider. There will be sections of the course that will be very rocky and/or steep. It is highly recommended to walk these areas. The seconds that you may lose is certainly less than the time it takes to wrap a twisted ankle.

Turkey Mountain trails are beautiful all year long.

Backyard Bonanza Course Map -- 12.5K & 25K

The start/finish line is at the Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA. There is plenty of on-site parking. Due to construction along I-44 and Highway 75 some routes will be blocked. Google Maps has the latest driving directions to the Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA

Click Here for All Trails Interactive Map

The 2022 Bonanza course will be updated to include some of the new Turkey Mountain trails. Check here before race day for an updated course map.

Tulsa’s Backyard Triple Crown Series

Each of the three Tulsa’s Backyard races provide a unique experience for trail running, hiking, and walking. If you finish all three races in the Triple Crown Series you will receive a custom made stand for your awards. These stands will include places for any overall or age group awards that you receive.

Backyard Blaze - A 5K Trail Race with something for everyone. This 5K course will provide a taste of everything Turkey Mountain has to offer. Finish with a news-worth pancake breakfast. Saturday, June 4th, 2022

Backyard Book Fair - This race has a lot of mystery to it and many details are not provided until the start line. In general - start at sundown; finish by sunrise; find books hidden on and around Turkey Mountain. Bring back the page that matches your bib number. This is a team event so nobody is left alone in the dark. Enjoy camping, campfire, music (if you bring a guitar or accordion), and great friends. Saturday, August 20, 2022

Backyard Bonanza - A 5K, 12.5K, 25K trail race for everyone. This race will be a scenic tour of Turkey Mountain including many of the new trails and old favorite trails. Formerly known as Turkey N Taturs, this race will include post race food, chili contest, campfire, more music, and even more great friends (including the ones you met at BY Blaze & BY Book Fair). Sunday, November 6th, 2022

All three races are held at the fabulous Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA located adjacent to Turkey Mountain.

Rules | Guidelines | Tips

Without rules there would be nothing but chaos, well maybe mayhem. Tulsa's Backyard races have just a few rules but plenty of helpful tips and advice to make this a great race.

  • Rule #1 - Leave No Trash On The Course. If you bring it in, you must take it out. There are trash cans at every aid station. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified. Anyone.
  • Rule #2 - Appreciate the volunteers. Many volunteers were up before you preparing for the day. Many will stay out longer cleaning up. Most will do both. Rude or disrespectful behavior towards a volunteer will get you disqualified. This is not negotiable.
  • Rule #3 – No short-cuts. If you find yourself off course, return to the last location you know you were on the course and continue on.
  • Rule #4 - Have fun.

That's it, so it should be easy. The rest is up to you.

  • The course is heavily marked with orange or pink ribbon and caution tape. Follow the ribbon. Don't cross the yellow caution tape.
  • We recommend you don't blindly follow the person in front of you. They may take you off course. They may be in a different race. Keep your eye on the ribbon.
  • While the course never crosses itself there are many locations where runners are on another trail a few feet away – probably running a different direction. Don’t skip over and follow them (especially since they could really be behind you). Use your best efforts to stay on course.
  • If you are knocking down spider webs you are either in the lead or off course.
    --Ken Childress, off-course expert

  • There will be two manned and fully stocked aid stations on the 12.5K/25K course with sweet & salty foods, soda, water and Gatorade. One on the 5K course.
  • Aid stations will be near miles 1.5 and 5.5. You should bring a water bottle/hydration pack while running in Tulsa's Backyard.
  • The Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA is located north of the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness area and can be difficult to find if you are not familiar with the area. The main entrance is on the southeast corner of the I-44 / Hwy 75 interchange. It is located along the service road. Google maps provides accurate directions. Expect a zig-zag approach and use caution around the road construction.
  • There are several hotels within a few miles of the Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA. There is a good selection of hotels and restaurants at Hwy 75 and 71st Street in the Tulsa Hills shopping center. The Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA is an easy 10 minute drive from downtown Tulsa.

It's difficult - but not impossible - to get off course in Tulsa's Backyard.

Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA

Tulsa’s Backyard is a place for members and guests to grow and share with each other, connecting all that enter with the joy that is found through nature and community

The Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA is a unique 35-acre gem in west Tulsa. It is home to the largest outdoor pool in the area with a two-story slide and zipline across the water! A newly renovated gymnasium for youth and adult sports leagues, an outdoor covered sports court, and multiple event and gathering spaces around Lake Logan including Hailey Chapel.

The Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA offers an array of group exercise classes, cardio and strength experience for all levels of fitness, outdoor fitness challenges, and access to Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness along with day camps and overnight experiences for the entire family.

Click here for more information about the Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA

Welcome to the Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA